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Picnic at the Precinct: Calling for Backup

Monday, September 20, 2010by  WALLY Team

Seattle residents filling the streets outside the Seattle Police Department were all issued tickets—raffle tickets! Brad and I took a short walk from PEMCO, Thursday, to meet the friendly faces of the West Precinct at the 7th annual Picnic at the Precinct celebration. The Seattle Police Department marked the end of summer with live music, equipment demonstrations, and tasty summer food prepared by officers.

It was clear from our conversation with Officer Mulvanny of the SPD Dive Rescue Team that our local law enforcement does much more than meets the eye at sea level. In addition to helping stranded Kirkland Cigarette Boaters on Lake Washington, Officer Mulvanny can point the way to sunken airplane or shipwreck in the waters around Seattle. "We spend a lot of time training for these high risk-low frequency events and come across some pretty interesting stuff," he says.

While SPD's underwater adventures might not lend themselves to the average Northwest sportdiver, we're thankful they're out there keeping our vehicles submerged under Northwest skies instead of Northwest lakes.  

Seattle police officer offers raffle ticket 

 "I did it and I deserve this ticket," Sandra Tisdale from Seattle admits as Officer Warner issues her a raffle ticket.


PEMCO brand ambassador poses with SPD divers  

PEMCO Brand Ambassador Brad Baumgartner poses with a 100 year old rifle found by SPD divers at the bottom of Lake Washington.


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