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More than a Customer Service Department

Monday, May 13, 2019by  PEMCO Insurance

PEMCO Customer Service TeamHere's one reason we've been recognized for customer satisfaction year after year. ​

At PEMCO, 100% of our service agents are licensed insurance professionals. This means they can help customers understand our product and services to find the best coverage for their unique needs, and customers can be assured they are working with a knowledgeable agent. Over a quarter of the team is also trained in taking an initial claim and single-car, no-injury accidents, making the claims process easier.  

"We know first-hand that customers engage with and respect brands that have knowledgeable people available to answer their questions," said Samantha Lewsley, director, customer engagement.  "More than 80% of the time, our customers have the opportunity to speak with insurance professionals without being transferred."

This level of training is rare, even in the insurance industry. We're one of a few companies whose entire service team consists of licensed insurance professionals. Many CSD team members hold industry designations such as Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Certified Insurance Counselor, Associate in Claims, and Associate in Insurance Services. They also support customers through multiple channels including phone, email, chat, in-person and social.

Samantha added that being licensed and having cross-departmental knowledge of PEMCO is a point of pride and respect across the company, and provides new opportunities.  "The fact that we touch many departments allows team members to grow their breadth and depth of insurance knowledge, and influences career interest for future professional growth." ​

Senior customer service specialist Brigitte Gallagher echoes these sentiments. "I love the fact that I can work independently with each customer to help them resolve an issue or address a concern," she said. "And I like that I have some sense of autonomy in my job and can be self-driven to accomplish the goals I set for myself. In addition to the 24-credit continuing education classes that we take every two years to keep our agents license, many of us take other classes to enhance our skill sets. We definitely aren't just a normal customer service department. There's a lot of skill behind what we do."

On top of the expertise and career growth opportunities, Greg Noack, Online Account and Retention Agent, says he enjoys the work the does every day to help customers. And the team helps a lot of people. PEMCO has 75 Customer Service Department agents and 14 operations team members. In 2018, the team spoke to more than 540,000 customers, claimants and third parties over the phone and about 45,000 via email.

 "I have been in the Customer Service Department for about six years, and I do everything from helping customers make changes to their policies, advising them on coverages, educating them on their policies, to helping them with a claim," said Greg. "I enjoy my job and look at it as helping people. Maybe they had a bad car accident or their house was broken into. I'm there to reassure them and be their sounding board, in addition to helping them through the claims process."

Interested in exploring a career with PEMCO? Visit our Careers page for more information.

 In photo from left to right: Rick Hanner, Samantha Eckstrom, Andrea Waverly, Samantha Lewsley, Anna Cox and Greg Noak. 

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