Pay parking pops up in Leavenworth

A longtime Washington tourist mecca, Leavenworth, now charges motorists to park.
   The Bavarian-themed village, situated between Stevens Pass and Wenatchee on U.S. 2, implemented pay parking at public lots in June. For some, it’s a welcome relief.
   “One of the reasons my wife and I don’t go there more often is because it’s a pain in the ass to find parking,” said Republic Parking founder Gary Beck in this Wenatchee World article.
   Beck also characterized parking in Leavenworth as kind of a rodeo.
   If so, it’s becoming a paid-admission rodeo. The city installed an electronic pay station next to City Hall and created pay lots where a recently demolished downtown fruit warehouse once stood.
   In its first three months alone, the electronic pay lot yielded $25,000 in parking fees. Frugal tourists, take heart – Leavenworth still has about 200 free public parking spots. Velkommen!

by  Jon Osterberg



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