Parents can do more to teach driving skills

Parents need to walk their talk in preparing their teenagers to drive solo.
   That’s the key message shared recently by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety to coincide with the Oct. 20-26 Teen Driver Safety Week.  Based on findings from a series of research studies, the Foundation encourages parents to spend more time on the road with their teen drivers to hone their skills.
   Among the points gleaned from the Foundation’s surveys:

  •    Although nearly 50% of parents said their teens need a lot of practice, only about one in four specified practicing in diverse conditions like bad weather, heavy traffic, or unfamiliar roads.
  •    47% of parents said there was at least one driving condition in which they weren’t comfortable letting their teen drive solo, even after the teen had earned his or her license.
  •    Few parents taught their teens complex driving skills, like anticipating other drivers’ behaviors.

Read the AAA news release.

by  Jon Osterberg



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