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Our tips for running your first 5K

Tuesday, April 21, 2015by  Christa VanWieringen

The WALLY team had a great time at the Fun with the Fuzz 5K over the weekend, a 5K race that supports Behind the Badge Foundation.

We’re no stranger to 5K races – in fact, we love showing up at the finish line to celebrate with all the participants! We’re lucky enough to meet all kinds of people, families, friends and even pets! Here are some tips to keep in mind before running a 5K race:

  • Pack a bag of snacks – such as whole fruits, peanuts or granola bars – for after your race to re-energize. This will allow you to hang around after the race to celebrate with fellow participants.
  • As soon as you arrive onsite, determine a meeting spot with your friends or family in case anyone gets separated.
  • Try to keep a steady pace to ensure you’re able to complete the entire 5K. Taking breaks to walk is quite all right!
  • Stay hydrated! This is a key factor in any race. Be sure to drink plenty of water leading up to the race.
  • Last, but not least, remember to have fun!

There never seems to be a shortage of races, which is great because these are some of our favorite events! Feeling up for the challenge? Here’s a list of some upcoming races in the area where you can also find the WALLY team:

Participating in a race is a great way to get involved with your community. We hope to see you at a 5K race soon!

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