Oregon bridges need repair, but lack funds

Oregon's DOT says the next big earthquake, or even just wear and tear from traffic, could doom more than 500 state bridges.
   Up to 138 bridges need replacing altogether, while 580 require retrofitting.
   The challenge: finding $5 billion to fund the effort. Oregon relies on state and federal gas tax for road work, but both sources have dwindled in recent years.
   The ODOT report says its first focus should be on all of U.S. 97, on I-5 between Eugene and Portland, and on connecting highways I-84 and Oregon Route 58, a popular alternate truck route that avoids the Siskiyous.
   Phase 2 would target the remainder of I-5, plus major highways connecting the Willamette Valley with Oregon coast towns. Read the AP article from The Columbian.

by  Jon Osterberg



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