Our February Nonprofit of the Month: Food Lifeline

food-lifeline-volunteers.jpgOur Nonprofit of the Month program gives employees a chance to champion the nonprofit organizations that mean the most to them. For February, we're shining the spotlight on Food Lifeline.

Its mission? To "end hunger in Western Washington by mobilizing resources and engaging communities." Here's why Craig S. in our Product department nominated the organization, in his own words:

Have you ever seen a 13-foot tall bag of Cheerios or a 2,000-pound frozen block of carrots and peas? Volunteering to help out at the Food Lifeline warehouse will open your eyes to such wonders as you experience firsthand how efficiently they obtain food donations from across the country to aid those in our neighborhoods in need of a little help.

Local businesses also contribute everything from baked goods to grocery items that get repacked and distributed to over 300 food banks in Western Washington. While most of us never worry about having food on our tables, Food Lifeline uses their 130,000 square foot Hunger Solution Center to quietly provide 97,000 meals a day where food is needed most in our communities. With cash donations they receive, they can buy four meals for $1 to share with others.

By working together, we can maximize our efforts to best meet the food needs of those less fortunate.

food-lifeline-logo.JPGAdvocates like Craig are one reason why we're proud to support local organizations like Food Lifeline that work to improve the quality of life in our communities. 

Craig encourages the same avenues Food Lifeline does for others to get involved: by giving food, funds, time, and your voice to stopping hunger. Read more about Food Lifeline programs and how to help.

by  Sharlyn Petit



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