New PEMCO sign goes up as Seattle move draws near

There’s a new PEMCO sign glowing atop our soon-to-be South Lake Union headquarters in Seattle.   
     Not just any sign. This one is 10 feet high by 50 feet long, far bigger than the sign on our current Eastlake Avenue building.
     The new sign needs to be that large to be seen from Interstate 5. We’re proud to have called Seattle our home for 66 years, and we want PEMCO to be visible from the freeway so people will know we haven’t gone anywhere – just one mile across town.
     Our new neighbors, National Sign Corp., built the sign (pictured here, resting in their parking lot below our building). National Sign celebrated its 100th birthday this year, and we’re excited to work next door to another company that’s been part of Seattle’s cultural fabric for so long.
     Some details about our new sign:

  • It includes the PEMCO logo but not the word “Insurance.” We figure most people know who PEMCO is by now, having been around since 1949.
  • It’s activated automatically by photo cells whenever daylight dims.
  • It’s all-LED construction, which consumes less energy.
  • Our current time and temperature sign will not move to our new headquarters. When built in 1971, it was intended for freeway motorists. Today they wouldn’t be able to see it so far away on Dexter Avenue.

     PEMCO moves from its longtime Eastlake Avenue home to Dexter in just two weeks. We’ll be open for business there on Monday, Dec. 21. We’re eager to make new memories in our new neighborhood!

by  Jon Osterberg



Jon Osterberg

06/15/2016 11:45 AM

Ron, I'm sorry you dislike our sign. Currently, our sign is set at 33% brightness out of a possible 100%. You'll be glad to know that in the next week or so our lights will be programmed to shut off at midnight, except for the spotlight shining on our American flag.

Ron P

06/10/2016 11:31 AM

This is a horrible sign at night and ruins the views across the lake.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Jon Osterberg

12/07/2015 04:35 PM

1300 Dexter Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109

Elizabeth Roche

12/07/2015 02:36 PM

What is the address of the building on Dexter?

Ed Davis

12/03/2015 06:24 PM

Can't wait to see the new sign all lit up and thinking back to the first day I started working at PEMCO and all the changes that I've seen in the fourty years working at the Eastlake headquarters.
A new era for PEMCO in a new neighborhood, EXCITING !!!

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