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My private information may be at risk, what can PEMCO do to help?

Monday, August 31, 2015by  Jaime Layng

Q. My private info may have been compromised. Can PEMCO help?

A. Yes, PEMCO can help you with issues surrounding identity theft and compromised personal information!

We live in a world where much of our personal information is in the hands of others. Sometimes we share information because we must. For example, when setting up a membership with a local gym, or when paying the electric bill with a debit card over the phone. At other times we share info voluntarily, such as when we tell our Facebook friends we'll be celebrating our birthday at a restaurant this weekend. Cunning and unscrupulous individuals can use that information to piece together a clearer picture about our lives.

Large data breaches at corporations like Target, Sony, Premera Blue Cross, and others has spotlighted the safeguarding of our personal data in recent years. Most companies I do business with have some sort of privacy policy and will explain their data collection practices. That's become increasingly common as companies seek to reassure customers they're doing all they can to safeguard the wealth of personal information they possess.

As consumers we should proactively protect ourselves, such as securing our social media accounts to ensure those outside our friends or relatives can see only what we want them to see. Online services like Facebook are providing greater degrees of control over the information we share and who can see it. We also should be cautious about which companies we hand our information to if they can't instill confidence that they'll protect our information, then they'll quickly realize they need to change course to satisfy customers.

But what if, despite your best efforts, your information is comprised anyway? This is where PEMCO ID Smart helps you. It's a value-added service — yours automatically because you're a PEMCO policyholder. A full-time personal advocate is assigned to your case to communicate on your behalf with health care providers, collection agencies, banks, government agencies, and others. The specialist also can set up extended monitoring to watch your account for signs of fraud.

When you suspect your private information might have been compromised, don't hesitate. Take action. You don't have to wait until after fraudulent activity occurs. Call our Customer Service Department right away so that we can connect you with a fraud specialist. To learn more, visit the PEMCO ID Smart section of our website.

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