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Mountain fresh Rainier to be brewed locally

Wednesday, January 13, 2016by  Jon Osterberg

Rainier beer soon will be truly local again.
     No, the iconic brewery alongside I-5 in Seattle isn’t firing up the old vats. But Woodinville’s Redhook Brewery will start producing Rainier Pale Mountain Ale and other Rainier brands this spring.
     Redhook’s parent company, Craft Brew Alliance, has forged an agreement with Rainier’s parent company, Pabst, to locally produce the once-ubiquitous mountain fresh beer, which currently is brewed in Los Angeles. (Yes, I know that’s sacrilege – Rainier from California?! – but the fact is Pabst has brewed Rainier in Los Angeles for more than a decade, thanks to merger mania.)
     Washington Beer Blog reports that Rainier will be available in 16-ounce bottles.
     Baby boomers like me recall Rainier being a dominant, local brew for decades. But the truth is, in today’s world rich with microbrews, would I really choose a Rainier to enjoy with my meal?
     Would I honestly choose Rainier over an Irish Death? Or a Mac & Jack’s African Amber? Or a Snapshot, or Pyramid Hefeweizen?
     Probably not. Perhaps on a hot summer day, wanting a light refreshing beer to wash down my delicious Mexican food at El Toreador, I’d order a Rainier instead of a Bud Light.
     But my friend John thinks Rainier could be trendy again in the Northwest, not unlike Pabst Blue Ribbon. “I think drinking Rainier would be hip again,” he said.
     And speaking of PBR, this MarketWatch article opines how PBR came to be the hipster beer despite being what it calls a “classic but relatively flavorless lager.”

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personCass Hania01/18/2016 08:16 AM
AAAAAH!  An ice cold Rainer while on the boat in Lake Chelan-Some great memories. I also remeber Olympia Beer, and
don't forget Henry Winehards and oysters on the half-shell.
They should all be made in the Northwest!
Craft Beer before there were craft beers.  All good memories.

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