Minneapolis gave us a win – and J.P. Patches

Yesterday's Seattle Times honored Minneapolis in a trivia article to coincide with the Seahawks-Vikings playoff game.
     As everyone knows by now, the Seahawks prevailed 10-9 when the Vikings shanked a chip-shot game-winning field goal at the end.
     What you might not realize is that the Times missed a golden opportunity to salute Minneapolis for also giving Seattle one of its most beloved cultural icons: J.P. Patches.
     Chris Wedes, the man behind the J.P. face paint, first became the clever clown while working at WCTN-TV in Minneapolis. Wedes moved in 1958 to Seattle where he took a job at KIRO-TV and introduced J.P. to the Seattle market, and the rest is history.
     On Aug. 29, 2008, the Seahawks honored J.P. Patches by having him (Wedes) raise the 12th Man Flag at the stadium before the Seahawks-Raiders game.
     Thanks to Patches Pal Martin DeGraz for letting us share his signed photo of J.P. with the flag.
     And thank you, Minneapolis! Go Hawks!

by  Jon Osterberg



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