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Mike and Pippa's Day is Here

Friday, October 8, 2010by  WALLY Team

The suspense is killing you. The question, "Why were they wearing Sounders FC scarves at the altar?" is nagging you mercilessly. Well, friends and readers, the wait is over! Our Overly Fanatical Sounders Fan Contest winners Mike Rorem and Pippa Fordwood finally reveal the story behind the scarves!

Mike, Pippa and their good friend Mark have been season ticket holders since the inaugural 2009 Sounders FC season. When Mike and Pippa became engaged, Pippa asked Mark to do a special reading at their wedding ceremony. Mark was delighted and honored, but a few months before the wedding he requested permission to present a "non-traditional" reading. Refusing to elaborate on the meaning of "non-traditional" Pippa was made even more nervous when a month before the big-day Mark asked that the reading be a surprise. "This is when I got REALLY nervous," Pippa explained, "Mark is a wonderful friend and very creative, but did I really want a surprise reading on my wedding day?!"

Mike and Pippa's wedding

Compromising, Pippa asked that Mark test the reading on her bridal party and if all five friends approved he could proceed. Mark won over the bridesmaids and next thing she knows, her and Mike are at the altar watching as Mark and her friends distribute flyers among their wedding guests. "When Mark passed me a flyer I saw that it was a wedding day soccer chant complete with a picture of Mike and me in our Sounders jerseys!" The flyer was only the tip of the iceberg. Mark proceeded to lead the entire audience in the one-of-a-kind Mike and Pippa Wedding Chant sung to the tune of "Emerald City, We Are Here."

When Pippa and Mike heard about our Overly Fanatical Fan Contest, they couldn't help but think: "Who could be bigger fans than us? I mean, we wore scarves and sang on our wedding day!" Well, Mike a Pippa, the public seems to agree! As the Grand Prize winners, the couple will be heading to Houston to cheer on the Sounders in their final match of 2010.

These two will definitely be a tough act to follow. We can't wait to see what the competition holds for the 2011 season! 

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