Our September Nonprofit of the Month: Puget Sound Regional Services

Puget Sound Regional ServicesFor more than 30 years, Puget Sound Regional Services (PSRS) has been helping individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to lead fulfilled, empowered lives in their own homes in the community.

Currently, PSRS provides supported living for 65 people in 35 homes across King County and continues to expand their programs to serve more in our region.

PEMCO employees from across all of our locations voted to support Puget Sound Regional Services as our Nonprofit of the Month for September. Product Development Manager John C. nominated and championed the organization and serves on the organization's board.

John writes:

I joined the PSRS board because I was looking for an opportunity to contribute to the community I live in. I continue to serve on the board because I see firsthand the significant and meaningful impact PSRS has on the people they serve. It would be exhausting to list all of the functions and responsibilities PSRS staff provide on a 24/7 basis and the extensive training required to meet their mission. Instead, I'll share a story about one of the people PSRS supports.

Richard was born deaf and became blind as a young child. He lived in an institution where he was never taught how to communicate or understand others. This made Richard frustrated and helpless. It created barriers to connecting with those around him…until PSRS found Richard and forever changed his life.

Staff trained in tactile sign (receiver's hands are placed upon the back of the hands of the signer to read the signs through touch and movement) taught Richard how to communicate his needs, and exposed him to experiences like swimming, horseback riding, downhill skiing, and dining at restaurants. He worked at Safeway stocking shelves with 1:1 support for 14 years. He has built relationships. Without PSRS, Richard would have remained isolated and withdrawn. With PSRS support, Richard lives in his own home, has roommates and a chance to have a self-directed life.

Richard's story is similar to many others at PSRS. Thanks for joining me in support and appreciation of a great organization doing meaningful work.

PSRS gratefully welcomes community support through volunteering and donations. Here's how you can help.  

We're proud to support local organizations like PSRS that work to improve the quality of life in our Northwest communities.

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