Magnuson Park: The PBA Road Trip Reaches New Heights

 recumbent biker pair biking on sidewalkHarness, ropes and carabiners? Check.

Shoes, chalk bags and all things Gore-Tex? Check, check and check.

Oh, and let's not forget that Nalgene-filled with water. With supplies like these, you know you're in for a uniquely Northwest adventure.
lady feeds off leash dogsOn Tuesday Brad, Steven and I trekked out to Magnuson Park in Seattle to mingle with more of our NW neighbors. While there, we spotted several NW types, including:


 A Pair of Recumbent Bikers



 Off-Leash Dog Ladies



  rock climbing male and females action figuresAnd a very unique group of NW Male (and one Female!) Action Figures

At the park's Mountaineers Climbing Wall we met John, Sako and Graham - three adventurous Seattleites with a love for climbing and all things outdoors.

Sako, a recent graduate of UW and current nursing student, took a break from climbing to chat with us. 'This is my first time here at the park, but it's a great place to train,' she said.

Graham was also enjoying his first visit to the park in preparation for his latest climbing adventure. 'I usually climb in California at Yellowstone, but in a few weeks I'm heading north to climb in Alaska just south of Denali,' he told us.

We had a great time at Magnuson Park watching our NW Action Figure friends scale the wall, but for now we think we'll keep our feet on the ground! If you missed us on Tuesday, be sure to catch us tomorrow as we check out the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square. Take in the art, enjoy the downtown atmosphere and be sure to stop by and say hello.

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