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Love interrupted resumes 55 years later

Friday, May 3, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

Marvin and Doris Wyman of Portland have resumed their marriage after 57 years.
   The couple married during World War II, but after two years apart with Marvin stationed in Japan and Doris feeling trapped at home, they divorced.
   Each found and married someone else. Doris had three children with her second husband, who died after more than 50 years of marriage. Marvin’s second wife died after their 48 years together.
   That’s when Marvin got a computer and tracked down Doris, who was living in Chicago. They reconnected with help from Doris’s kids.
   The two never had a disagreement while they were married. Selflessly, Marvin had agreed to the divorce so that Doris – who never had ventured far from her childhood South Dakota farm – could stretch her wings while Marvin served Uncle Sam. Their divorce lawyer had said at the time, “Neither one of you has got any grounds for divorce.”
   Marvin and Doris remarried in 2005, more than 57 years after their first union, and now live in Portland. Read all about their engaging saga in The Oregonian.

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