Most Washington gun owners don't lock up firearms

Sunday, July 1, 2018by  PEMCO Insurance

gun safe.Whether or not you own a gun, a recent study from the University of Washington will likely get you thinking about gun safety. It found that among the 34% of Washingtonians who have a gun in their households, little more than one-third reported storing them unloaded and locked away.

That could have tragic consequences for kids out of school for the summer – perhaps bored and with unsupervised time to explore at home and at friends' homes.

For guns

  • Store unloaded guns and bullets separately
  • Lock up guns in a gun safe
  • Use trigger locks
  • Consider storing guns elsewhere (like at the shooting range).

For kids who encounter a gun

Keep instructions simple to follow. Tell them if they see a gun:

  • Stop
  • Don't touch (without a parent's or instructor's permission)
  • Get away (assume every gun is loaded)
  • Tell an adult.



Want your children to learn how to safely handle a gun?

Hire a professional! Just as kids tend to listen and learn better with training from a certified driving instructor, they'll likely develop firearms competence more efficiently with help from a certified gun safety instructor.

Your local resources like police or Fish & Wildlife Department can help you find a class or safety events.

To keep your kids safe, experts recommend a combination of child-proofing your gun and gun-proofing your child.

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