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Of course I’m local. I’m just not from here

Wednesday, May 9, 2018by  Derek Wing

NW locals 2.jpgThe Northwest, it seems, has an abundance of locals. No matter where they're from.

About three-quarters of us claim local status – giving only one in four people an excuse for thinking geoducks quack. And leading to some pretty impossible local-versus-transplant math.

In our latest PEMCO Northwest Poll, we asked "What makes you a 'local?'" Most agreed it's the amount of time you've spent here. But they didn't always agree on how much time is enough.

The top response, at around 41%, was "at least three-quarters of your life." About 23% said your whole life. Roughly another quarter said you're a true Northwest mossback if you've been here half your life.

Just don't tell that to the 20,000 people who poured into Seattle between July 2015 and July 2016 or the 11,000 new Rose City arrivals last year. They've likely already ditched their telltale umbrellas, anyway.

PEMCO embraces local pride, and we understand how newcomers do, too. And, during our famous umpteenth-day-in-a-row gray streaks, maybe what matters most is how long you've been here in spirit. The Northwest has plenty of culture, natural beauty, and coffee shops to go around. Why begrudge anyone the privilege of claiming it as their own?​

Read the complete Local PEMCO Northwest Poll, in which Seattle's FBK Research surveyed 1,200 Washington and Oregon residents. 

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