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Lint lights a fire better than Marshawn’s dreads

Wednesday, September 14, 2016by  Jon Osterberg
Television viewers got a kick out of retired Seahawk Marshawn Lynch on Monday as he survived a wilderness trek with Bear Grylls on NBC’s “Running Wild.”
     The mischievous Lynch, apparently as profane as ever based on the number of bleeps, seemed to be a reluctant participant at times as he chased and gutted a wild boar, scaled cliffs, and slept alone out in the open on boughs.
     The most popular segment being shared on social media shows Grylls using a clipped strand of Lynch’s dreadlocks to kindle a campfire. Lynch at first seems incredulous at Grylls’ request, then reluctantly snips off a chunk and hands it over.
     “My hair lady’s gonna kill me,” he grumbles.
     The dread ignited nicely.
     Later, long after dark, NBC’s night-vision camera caught Lynch sneaking into Grylls’ camp to rummage through a pack.
     “What are you looking for?” Grylls asks.
     “Skittles,” says Lynch, who knows Grylls has a stash of the candy.
     If you’re ever in the wild and need a sure-thing firestarter, here’s an old backpacker’s life-hack tip: make your own using dryer lint.
     It’s simple. Gather some lint from the trap in your dryer. Stuff it into one cell of an empty cardboard egg carton, then cut out that cell. Light a candle and tip it so the wax drips onto the lint. Soak the lint and cardboard with wax, then set it aside to dry.
     In about an hour, you should have a waterproof firestarter that even works in the rain. Stuff it into your pocket before you head for the woods.
     Check out this link for how to mass-produce firestarters by the dozen.

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