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Adding a landlord to your renters insurance policy

Friday, August 3, 2018by  Jaime Layng

Q. My apartment complex asked to be listed on my renters insurance policy. Can you help with that?

A. Yes! We can add the landlord or apartment complex name onto your PEMCO renters insurance policy.

A renters insurance policy comes with several benefits. What comes first to most peoples' minds is that it protects your personal belongings, for example if they're stolen or lost in a fire. But just as important, arguably more so, is the personal liability protection provided by the policy. This is the coverage that helps you if you're held accountable when someone is hurt or something of theirs is damaged.

In the past decade I've seen an increasing number of people buying renters insurance. Part of this is because of a stronger demand in the market by renters – more people are forgoing home ownership in favor of renting.

apartment building balconies

Part of this increase is also a result of landlords and apartment managers taking a more cautious and discerning approach to whom they'll rent, often requiring a renters insurance policy for any prospective tenant. They may ask you for proof of insurance before you can even get the keys on your new lease, and we're happy to fax or email such documentation upon request. You can also access it using your account at any time.

However, landlords and apartment managers will also ask for updated documentation at each lease renewal thereafter, and to make this easier for you we can list them as an interested party on your policy. Doing so ensures they automatically receive the latest copy of your insurance policy. The document they receive includes only the information pertinent to them, such as the liability limit and policy start and end dates, so you can feel secure about your personal information.

If you're a renter and are being asked to add an interested party to your renters insurance policy, contact your agent or PEMCO Customer Service. We're happy to help!

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