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Jingling all the way in Portland to support The Arthritis Foundation

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Christa VanWieringen

WALLY Team in festive costumesYou can hear them jingle from a mile away! This past weekend, the WALLY Team attended the annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis in downtown Portland. Decked out in holiday themed costumes, these runners are always sure to carry their most important accessory, jingle bells! We saw those dressed as Santa Claus, his helper Elves and even the Grinch!

One hot item we spotted at the Jingle Bell Run were ugly Christmas sweaters, they’re all the rage! Even though they serve a fashion faux pas, these sweaters are in for the season. Looking to snag one up yourself? Plenty of stores sell them, but they’re not quite as fun to wear unless you make it yourself. The WALLY Team has all the items you’ll need to make the best, ugliest Christmas sweater for this holiday season!

  1. A warm sweater: You’ll need a base to work with, you can find a plain sweater at any clothing store. Choose a festive color, like red or green!

  2. Lights, lights and more lights!: You can weave these colorful bulbs in and out of your sweater to really light up the night! Don’t be shy with the supply, we say the more – the merrier!

  3. Christmas ornaments: That’s right, you can hang Christmas tree ornaments off your sweater to really catch others attention. Just be sure to secure them in so they won’t fall off!

  4. Tinsel: Have fun with it! Glue it all over your sweater, or even use it as fringe to really give your sweater flair!

  5. Jingle Bells: To really grab people’s attention, add some sound to your sweater! Jingle Bells are the perfect accessory for your ugly Christmas sweater!

So grab your glue gun and summon your holiday spirit and get festive with it! May your holidays, and sweaters, be merry and bright!

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