Is my vehicle covered if I let someone else drive it?

man and woman in convertible carQ: Is my vehicle covered if I let someone else drive it?

A: Nice weather in the Northwest is often accompanied by an uptick in drivers hitting the road and soaking up the sun. Taking a road trip with a friend or relative might allow for someone else to share in the driving, or you might find they want to borrow your car. So you might wonder if your car will be covered if someone else drives it.

It's a common question. Most folks want to feel confident their vehicle is protected if they lend it. I know I do!

The general rule of thumb is that your insurance follows your vehicle. Whether you hand your key to that co-worker whose own vehicle has fallen on tough times, to the relative visiting you from out of town, or to a friend who you know to be an Oblivious Left-Lane Occupant, you're lending your insurance along with it. Your policy is the first line of defense should any claims arise from the use of your vehicle, so it's important to ensure you’re comfortable the borrower is responsible. I know a couple of people in my life who would have to present a pretty convincing case if they needed to borrow my wheels!

Each scenario differs, and it's important to discuss less-common situations with a PEMCO representative or your agent to ensure you'll be adequately protected. For example, when the person borrowing the vehicle is also a member of your household, or when the person will use the car for an extended period of time, coverage can vary.

If you have questions, please contact your agent or our Customer Service Department.

Jaime Layng

12/30/2015 05:20 PM

That’s a great question! However, it also is specific to your policy and can’t be answered with a general response. Please speak with an agent in our Customer Service Department so that we can take a look at this and get you the information you need.

Roy S Mar

12/27/2015 10:22 AM

a member of my family who no longer has live in my house for the past 5 plus years was formerly denied coverage from my insurance policy.  He is visiting from out of town.  Will he be covered under my present policy if I allow him to drive my car?

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