Can PEMCO insure my vehicles against glass damage?

shattered-windshield.jpgQ. I’d like to cover my vehicles for glass damage. Can PEMCO help with that?

A. Yes, we can!


You’re driving down the road, minding your own business, when a rock flies out of nowhere and hits your windshield. There’s now a huge chip in the glass and you’re worried that it might evolve into a crack at any moment. Many of us have been there before, myself included.


When the glass damage happened, did you already know if you were covered for this type of loss? Did you call PEMCO with a bit of uncertainty about the answer? I knew I was covered, but unlike most I’m an insurance agent who enjoys poring over insurance rules, regulations, and contract verbiage. I take at least one call a day from customers with damaged auto glass who aren’t sure if they’re covered.


Thankfully, in this case it’s easy to determine coverage. On the date of the loss, did your vehicle have Comprehensive coverage with no restrictions? Was the damage accidental? If the answer is “yes” to both questions, you’re covered for the glass.


Keep in mind that your Comprehensive coverage comes with a deductible of your choosing. If the auto glass shop can repair your window without replacing the glass, PEMCO waives your deductible. However, if the glass must be replaced, you’ll pay your deductible first and then PEMCO pays for the remainder.


Not sure if you have Comprehensive coverage? You can review your latest declarations page, call Customer Service to speak with an agent, or look at your coverage online with your account, perhaps using the Go PEMCO! app for iPhone or Android. Once you’ve verified your coverage, or if you already know you carry Comprehensive coverage, drive to a reputable auto glass shop for repairs.


As always, feel free to reach out to your local agent or call our Customer Service Department if you have questions.

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