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Can PEMCO insure my vehicles against glass damage?

Thursday, January 2, 2020by  Jaime Layng

shattered-windshield.jpgQ. I’d like to cover my vehicles for glass damage. Can PEMCO help with that?

A. Yes, we can!

You're driving down the road, minding your own business, when a rock flies out of nowhere and hits your windshield. The bad news is that there's now a huge chip in the glass that could become a crack. The good news is that with PEMCO's Comprehensive coverage, your vehicle is defended against rock chips, broken glass, vandalism and many other kinds of losses.  

Keep in mind, your Comprehensive coverage comes with a deductible of your choosing. If the auto glass shop can repair your window without replacing the glass, PEMCO waives your deductible. However, if the glass must be replaced, you'll pay your deductible first and then PEMCO pays for the remainder.

Why repair instead of replace my windshield?

Because glass-chip repair doesn't require you to pay a deductible. It's also best to repair chips instead of replacing the windshield, if possible, to leave the factory seal intact.

There's damage to my windshield. Now what?

PEMCO makes windshield repair simple. If you have comprehensive coverage, all you need to do is to select an auto glass shop (your choice), and that shop will take care of all the paperwork directly with PEMCO. We recommend you choose a glass shop that's certified by the National Glass Association. Examples: Speedy (1‑888‑892‑9859), Safelite (1‑800‑800‑2727) or Novus (1‑800‑776‑6887).

If you've already had your glass repaired and want reimbursement, please email us at Include the following information: your policy number, date of the repair, vehicle repaired, glass company and the amount. We'll take care of the expense according to your coverage.

Do I have PEMCO Comprehensive coverage?

You can review your latest Declarations page, call Customer Service to speak with an agent, or look at your coverage online with your account, perhaps using the Go PEMCO! app for iPhone or Android.

As always, feel free to reach out to your local agent or call our Customer Service Department if you have questions.

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