Idaho deputy assigns homework to speeding teen

by Sharlyn Petit
I will not speed. I will not speed. I will not speed. Try writing that on a blackboard 100 times.
     Well, that’s close to the punishment one Idaho deputy gave to a teen he clocked driving 70 mph on a 35 mph residential road. Though the 16-year-old faced a hefty ticket and possible misdemeanor charges, the deputy opted for a writing assignment. The topic? The dangers of reckless driving.
     The teen took the alternative punishment and sent an eight-page report to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office about a week later. Well-researched with stats and graphs, Idaho law references, and self-reflection, the report was thorough, and the sheriff’s office says the teen won’t be charged.
     The teen concluded his paper, “No matter what you do, it isn’t worth it and that is the truth … I know the way I drive will never be the same!”
     Read the report and full news story here: KBOI2 News.

by  Jon Osterberg



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