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How to keep your Super Bowl party safe, sober

Tuesday, January 30, 2018by  Jon Osterberg

Friends cheer at home Super Bowl partyHosting a Super Bowl party? Besides housecleaning and planning food and drink, follow these tips to avoid trouble for which you could be held liable.

If you serve alcohol, know that drunk-driving crashes jump around 75% on Super Bowl Sunday over typical winter weekends. Also, underage drinking laws apply even at private family gatherings. If someone gets hurt after drinking too much at your home, you could be slapped with a lawsuit.

Prevention is easier than intervention, and these steps can lessen your risk:

  • Serve protein-rich food (it slows digestion).

  • Mix drinks modestly, and don't be shy about cutting off guests who've had enough.

  • Close the bar to everyone by the third quarter.

  • Offer a leisurely dessert-and-coffee course before people hit the road.

If someone still parties too much despite your precautions, PEMCO offers helpful tips on how to prevent friends from driving drunk.

Buckled sidewalk at home is a tripping hazard for you and guestsPrevent falls indoors and out. Clear icy walkways. In rain-soaked locales, check for mossy spots and tripping hazards like buckled sidewalks or wobbly steps. Indoors, remove scatter rugs for the day, and keep an eye out for kids' toys brought by guests.

Mind the stove. Unattended cooking is the No. 1 cause of house fires. Then there's the other type of stove: a heating stove. Make sure it's blocked off by a screen or barrier to prevent guests – young kids in particular – from bumping into it and suffering burns.

Remove kid hazards. Especially if you have no young ones of your own living at home, search for anything harmful that might draw attention from a little guest's viewpoint – fragile glass, matches, medicine, cleaner, extension cords, candles (which account for their healthy share of home fires). And then there's another major child lure…

Friends at a Super Bowl party toast with wine in the kitchenSequester your pet. Unless you own the mellowest dog or cat in the world, know that even a friendly critter can get unnerved by strangers and nip, claw, or worse. Consider locking your pet in a distant bedroom, or see if a neighbor might host it until your party ends.

Last, if you're a Patriots fan attending a party in the home of avid Seahawks lovers, you might feign allegiance to the Eagles for one game. Just sayin'. And whatever you do, do not mention The Play That Shall Not Be Evoked.

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