How many of us are distracted by smartphones while driving?

by Sharlyn Petit
     With our daylight hours dwindling this fall, I’m noticing more and more drivers illuminated by the glow of a smartphone while waiting at a stoplight, or worse, while driving.
     Research from AT&T shows that smartphone use while driving grows beyond texting to include social media, email, photos, and videos – a staggering 7 in 10 people engage in some sort of smartphone activity while driving.
     Some of the actions people admit they do while behind the wheel:

  • Text (61%)
  • Email (33%)
  • Internet (28%)
  • Facebook (27%)
  • Snap a selfie/photo (17%)
  • Twitter (14%)
  • Instagram (14%)
  • Shoot a video (12%)
  • Snapchat (11%)
  • Video chat (10%)

     See more findings from AT&T here.
     AT&T’s It Can Wait® campaign focuses on all smartphone distractions that have emerged as our relationships with our devices have changed. AT&T has even developed an app that silences alerts and sends auto-replies to tell friends and family you can’t respond.
     Add smartphone activities to the list of other common distractions in teen driver crashes like multiple passengers, loud music, and looking away from the road, and it’s no wonder why distracted driving is a growing cause of teen driver crashes.

by  Jon Osterberg



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