Hey, parents! 34% of you set this bad driving example

We bet you knew the answer before you even clicked on our link.

In a recent nationwide survey by online driver education provider Driving-Tests.com, 34% of teens say the most dangerous thing they see their parents do while driving is, of course, texting.

The survey aimed to get “inside the minds” of teen drivers and generated some insightful stats:

  • 36% of teen drivers say their biggest fear about driving is getting in a crash.

  • 24% say understanding the phrases on a driver’s test is the hardest part of learning to drive.

  • 14% would agree with the phrase, “I am fearful about driving.”

  • 27% say freedom and independence is the driving aspect they’re most excited about.

  • 63% feel the most dangerous thing to do when driving is texting, yet more than one-third of parents text with their teens in the car.

The survey shows that teen drivers are aware of driving dangers, but are surprisingly insecure about their own skill in managing driving risks.

One of the keys to keeping your teen driver safe is to set a good example (and that means putting down that distracting smartphone, already!). Teens are much more likely to follow the rules of the road if they see their parents do so.

Read the full results of the Inside the Mind of Teenage Drivers nationwide survey.

by  Sharlyn Petit



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