Helpful tip for parents from a dad who knows

Parents, consider agreeing on “Activity Based Curfews” (ABC) with your teen driver.
   A recent Consumer Reports post discusses the efforts of a Connecticut parent who lost his son in a car crash. The dad now writes a safety-tip blog about teen driving. One of two tips he offered recently sounds a lot like what PEMCO calls ABC.
   Research shows that beginning drivers face higher risk when they cruise around to pass time. Purposeful driving is safer than joyriding. PEMCO advises parents that, rather than always setting a curfew at the same time, base the curfew on what your teen is doing.
   Going to a movie that ends at 9:30? Be home by 10. Going to a dance that ends at 10:30? Be home by 11. That’s ABC, and it eliminates aimless time behind the wheel. Read the article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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