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Green Lake in Seattle: See and be seen!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009by  WALLY Team

When you think of Seattle in summer, I don't know of a better place to enjoy the true spirit of our community than Green Lake, a lush oasis in the heart of our urban metropolis, with a 2.8 mile path around its circumference.


I was joined by PEMCO Brand Ambassadors Peter Young and Suz Chen on June 28, a gorgeous day by all standards; bright sunshine and skies so blue it almost hurt your eyes. 


We spent the day on the path armed with bags full of dog treats for our four-legged friends, and an appetite to spend the day power walking and hanging with our neighbors and friends from the Northwest. 


At times, the path around the lake seemed more like the freeway at rush hour, with joggers and strollers (joggers with strollers!), power-walkers, runners and skateboarders. One could not help but identify any number of PEMCO Northwest Profiles, including the aptly named Green Lake Power Walkers, Recumbent Bike Commuter, Sandals and Socks Guy and, as the path got crowded, the 4-Way Stop, You go. No you go. No you go. Guy. 


During our more than four hours on the path, we saw and chatted with folks enjoying the day in all sorts of ways ranging from unicyclists, a strolling guitarist, and for those of you who've walked the path during a sunny day, the seemingly ubiquitous "Spanish Lessons" guy, an older, dapper gentleman who makes his living teaching Spanish while strolling around the lake, student in tow. 


Bikers around Green Lake


Perhaps the site of the day, though, was a group of festively adorned, comical cyclists participating in their own event, the Tour de Green Lake, which featured a ballerina, a lifeguard, and a couple of Vikings complete with horns.  We asked them why Green Lake and why the costumes? Their answer: why not!


Why not indeed. 


Thanks Green Lake and your wonderful cast of characters for a great day!

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