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Giants in the Mountains: A Sasquatch Sighting

Monday, June 21, 2010by  WALLY Team

It stands upwards of 14 feet tall and is covered head-to-toe in a thick, mangy mane of hair. Its origins have been traced back over 10,000 years to the far away lands of Asia but no one can say for certain whether or not it exists. Yet, it has found a way to solidify itself in cultures all over the world - and depending on where you're from it's called the Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, or any other number of endearing terms.

This Thursday, Steven and I headed south to Tacoma for the "Giants in the Mountains" exhibit at the Washington State History Museum. Amidst its dimly lit hallways and corridors, one can find all sorts of evidence to prove the existence of this elusive and seldom-seen giant. The exhibit features foot castings, native artwork, skull recreations and the world famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

However, despite all the uncertainty surrounding this almost-mythical creature, people here in the Northwest really do know their stuff. While we were at the entrance to the museum with our Sasquatch trivia prize wheel we met Amy from Tacoma.

Amy went a perfect five for five on the trivia wheel and even nailed down the ancient ancestor to our modern day nomad: Gigantopithecus. Try to say that five times fast!

"I've seen an episode or two of Monster Quest," she said. Sure thing Amy, whatever you say.

Amy with Sasquatch t-shirt, and friends 

Amy shows off her new "Desperately Seeking Sasquatch" t-shirt with her Bigfoot-believing friends.

But Amy isn't the only believer. Check out this data we gathered from visitors of the museum regarding the existence of our too-tall, too-furry friend.

- 77% of visitors believe that Sasquatch does exist
- 17% of visitors have seen or know someone who has seen a living Sasquatch
- 43% of visitors prefer to call the creature "Bigfoot"

Height chart comparing sasquatch, human, gorilla 

Let's just say you don't want to run into Sasquatch on your next camping trip.

Well if you missed us on our hunt for Sasquatch, just be sure to keep your eyes peeled. After all he's been sighted in all 50 states! But if you grow weary of chasing "Giants in the Mountains," you can kick off your shoes, adorn your flower power buttons and come down to the Fremont Fair this Saturday and Sunday. We'll be there with our trivia prize wheel yet again. Who knows, we might even see a Skunk Ape or two.

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