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Gearing your Cascade Canine Sherpa for hiking season

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Christa VanWieringen

Cascade Canine Sherpa

If you’re a lot like us, then your pet is more than just a pet – it’s considered part of your family. Being part of the WALLY team allows us the opportunities to travel to many different events, and a few of our favorites are ones with animals! Recently, the WALLY team spent time in Oregon attending  the NW Pet & Companion Fair, Doggie Dash and Pug Crawl, where we met several different types of family members, including many Cascade Canine Sherpas. Since hiking season is just around the corner we wondered, what do these dogs keep in those backpacks while they explore the trails of the Pacific Northwest? The WALLY team decided it was time to determine how any dog can become the Ultimate Cascade Canine Sherpa based on the contents in its bag.

Whether you’re a NW Male Action Figure hiking up mountains or Green Lake Power Walkers on your daily walk, your Ultimate Cascade Canine Sherpa should always carry these essential items:

- Food: It’s always a good idea to have snacks handy – but make sure you bring some for your dog, too.

-Water: It’s important for Man’s best friend to stay hydrated! Of course, you’ll need to bring along a portable bowl that can be safely packed away in your pooch’s pack and easily accessible.

- Toys: Packing a tennis ball or a Frisbee in your dog’s backpack is essential, that way you can take a break from the task at hand and reward your companion, with a game of fetch! That way you can work hard, play hard.

- Safety items: If you’re planning a long trip with your pup make sure you pack a first aid kit, a whistle and a flashlight with extra batteries. A pen and a pad of paper are always good to have on hand, too. You know what they say, safety first!

Although these are just a few items that Ultimate Cascade Canine Sherpas carry in their doggy packs, the possibilities are endless! What other types of items does your dog carry when the two of you head out on a Northwest adventure?

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