Gas outlook good for Eastern Washington

Head east if you seek cheap gasoline, say industry analysts.
   As someone who drives regularly between Western and Eastern Washington, I’ve been baffled trying to discern a consistent pattern. Sometimes gas in Kittitas County costs 20 cents less than west of the Cascades, sometimes 20 cents more.
   I’m not whining. I feel fortunate compared with our poor Whatcom County friends, who bemoan the irony of often paying Washington’s highest prices at the pump despite having the BP Cherry Point, ConocoPhillips Ferndale, and Tesoro Anacortes refineries practically in their back yards.
   For now, at least, the trend is for lower prices east of the mountains, which gets its supply from Rocky Mountain and Canadian refineries. Western Washington relies on West Coast refineries that compete for crude oil with overseas refineries, boosting production costs. Read the Yakima Herald-Republic article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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