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Fun With The Fuzz 5K - Running for the Law

Tuesday, April 27, 2010by  WALLY Team

We've all heard of running from the law, but a new Northwest tradition promotes running for the law!  This weekend, Peter, Steven and I visited Bellingham to help local police in their effort to kick-start the first annual 'Fun With The Fuzz 5K Race.'   


Police officers from Bellingham, working in conjunction with the Behind The Badge Foundation, created this distinctive road race to raise money and offer support to families of fallen officers.  The race organizers were astounded by the turnout and expressed heartfelt gratitude for the community support.  It certainly made us proud to say 'We're a lot like you.'


Kyle Nelson welcomes participants 

Event organizer Kyle Nelson welcomes all the participants by the PEMCO registration booth


We parked WALLY1 squarely next to the starting line and conducted race registration, while offering racers shelter from the sprinkling, gray skies.  As soon as the runners lined up at the starting gate though, the sun peeked out behind the clouds and offered racers a refreshing glimpse of sunshine as they heard 'On your mark, get set, go!'


An astounding number of officers came out for the race, and many even strapped on their running shoes and ran beside their civilian neighbors.  A father-son duo of officers from Bellingham chatted with us before the race.  Rich and Chad both exclaimed that they had been looking forward to this for weeks.  They said that despite their police officer backgrounds, their goal was to 'just finish the race!'  They both accomplished their goal, and completed the course in under 30 minutes.  


Rich and Chad running the 5k running shirts 

Rich and Chad show off their official 5K running shirts


The race was an overwhelming success with over $13,000 raised for the Behind The Badge Foundation.  It's apparent that 'Fun With The Fuzz' will become a Northwest staple with its commitment to such a worthy cause.  We can't wait until next year's event, so we can have even more 'Fun With The Fuzz!'  


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