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Fishin’ Magician says go to Banks Lake

Thursday, April 23, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

A traditional rite of spring arrives Saturday in Washington: the opening of lowland-lakes fishing season.
   As a youth and young adult, I never missed The Opener. There were years when it was more of a guys’ party trip, mellow years when we sought the quiet and solitude of remote Columbia Basin catch-and-release lakes, and years in between when we got skunked, but enjoyed fellowship.
   Over the years, along with some other hobbies, I broke my tradition of opening day. And I realize now that I miss it.
   The Columbia Basin Herald runs a column by an old friend of mine, Dave Graybill, who calls himself The Fishin’ Magician. Graybill was my older brother’s Seattle roommate when they attended the UW. He and his younger brother, Rick, grew up in Wenatchee and have been fishing enthusiasts forever.
   Graybill’s current column touts the “Banks Lake Triple Fish Challenge.” Banks Lake, an artificial reservoir north of Ephrata, fills a coulee carved during the Ice Age floods that also formed Dry Falls. This Saturday and Sunday, anglers who catch a rainbow trout, a smallmouth bass, and a walleye are eligible for big prizes.
   I’m committed to other plans this weekend. But next year, I’d like to resume my tradition of joining the hordes for The Opener.

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