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Falling into Fall with fun outdoor activities

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Taylor Orian

This past weekend, the WALLY team took to the streets of Bend, OR. to participate in the 19th annual Bend Fall Festival. We brought our Yellfie Booth to continue our search for the loudest Supercharged Seahawks Fan in the Northwest. This weekend’s highest rating went to Sophia B., with an astounding yell of 117.3 dB!

To our surprise, we spent the day in 80-degree weather and we were left wondering where the crisp, cool air of fall was. Turns out, the weather isn’t quite ready to give into the usual fall temperatures just yet, and we aren’t complaining! In the spirit of the last warm burst before fall fully kicks in, here are a few things you can do pre-fall crisp!

  1. Go pumpkin picking: Before it gets too cold, set out to a pumpkin patch to gather some of your own pumpkins, the search for the perfect pumpkin can be a fun quest you won’t want to miss out on! Some great pumpkin farms in the Seattle area can be found here.

  2. Organize a “Great Pumpkin Hunt”: If you’ve got kids and are looking to continue the fun outdoors, organize a pumpkin hunt for them! Imagine an Easter egg hunt, but instead of eggs – use pumpkins! Stick colored stickers on the undersides of the pumpkins that coordinate with special prizes and have fun!

  3. Go on an apple orchard adventure: Apple picking is a fun outdoor activity for all! While we appreciate a great apple pie, there are far more uses for apples than just devouring! You can use them for décor and bring fall colors into your home! We suggest trying these candleholders. They’re easy to make and adds real apple scent to your home, perfect for the fall season!

  4. Learn about Zombie safety:  The Zombie Preparedness and Family Safety Fair takes place on Oct. 11 in Shoreline, Wash., and offers families a fun way to learn about earthquake, fire, zombie, etc. safety. We’ll be there with our Yellfie Booth so you can practice your yells and screams, after all, they are essential for surviving zombie attacks!

We hope to see you there and Happy Fall!

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