Explosive Glacier Peak largely unmonitored

The second-most explosive volcano in the Cascade Range lacks close monitoring that could warn communities of an impending eruption.
   And because of the sequestration, there’s no remedy in sight.
   Glacier Peak, straddling the Cascade crest between Darrington and Lake Chelan, has exploded violently and frequently compared to other Cascade volcanoes. The last time was around 1700. Darrington is built on top of mudflows that roared down the Stillaguamish Valley during eruptions of the remote 10,541’ peak.
   While Mt. Rainier has nine seismic monitors on its flanks, Mt. Hood five, and Mt. Baker two, Glacier Peak has just one. Such monitors alerted scientists to the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens and could do the same for residents downriver of Glacier.
   A geologic map of Glacier Peak also remains incomplete because of funding cuts at the U.S. Geological Survey. Read the Everett Herald article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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