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Eating Our Way through Fremont's Food Truck Rodeo

Monday, May 7, 2012by  WALLY Team

Warning: you will be hungry after reading this post! The PEMCO Brand Ambassadors joined 17,000 Seattle foodies at the Mobile Food Rodeo in Fremont this past weekend and gained some fond memories and additional pounds.

The Mobile Food Rodeo invites visitors to "celebrate their inner foodie" and sample over 30 local food trucks with some of the northwest's most refreshing menus. This year had added improvements such as free admission, charity beer garden and a larger seating area.

Our standout favorites of the day were Caffe LadroJemil's Big Easy, Off the Rez and Snout and Co. Check out some of the dishes we tried below, and don't say we didn't warn you!

We couldn't resist starting our adventure with iced coffee from Caffe Ladro. We are in Seattle after all!

Next stop, authentic Cajun food from Jemil's Big Easy for Jemil's sampler bowl. Spicy, creamy and delicious!

The next treat we tried was a BBQ Pork Indian Taco from Off the Rez. It's so long elephant ears and hello savory fry bread for this brand ambassador! This soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside fry bread was topped with delicious pulled pork smothered in a tasty BBQ sauce.  We devoured it in moments!

The grand finale to our Mobile Food Rodeo tour was a Cuban bowl, Garlic and citrus marinaded pork over black beans and rice with plantains and smoked tomatillo-coconut sauce, from Snout & Co.

Snout & Co. won first place in last year's Mobile Food Rodeo competition just three weeks into the start of their business!

Brand ambassador Cael enjoying the Snout & Co. Cuban bowl. This bowl took the cake!

We hope you enjoy the food truck summer season and we look forward to seeing you again in September for the season wrap-up!

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