Dying fir propagates healthy Sasquatch

Sasquatch has taken up residence in Springfield.
   This particular ’squatch is actually a repurposed old-growth fir. But its owner says, despite it looking dramatically different from how Sasquatches appear in nature, “she turned out great.”
   The owner hired an arborist to examine an old cracked tree in her front yard and learned the tree was beyond saving. So she hired a chainsaw woodcarver from Oakridge to create an 8-foot totem animal.
   Reminds me of when PEMCO sponsored its own Sasquatch-carving contest in 2008 to benefit a Federal Way chiropractor, Tom Payne, whose carved Sasquatch had been vandalized in 2007.
   We invited three chainsaw woodcarvers to transform giant logs into Sasquatches right there in Payne’s parking lot, off Dash Point Road. Payne picked his favorite, carved by Charlie Hubbard of Gig Harbor, and kept it for his office.
   PEMCO got to keep Mark Herrington’s cedar creation, which we dubbed Wally McSasquatch. He lurked in our lobby for a few years until PEMCO donated him to Camp Waskowitz near North Bend, where he’s undoubtedly a curiosity for the elementary school kids who attend outdoor camp there.

by  Jon Osterberg



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