DNA matches ‘yeti fur’ with extinct bear

Sasquatch seekers sulked recently when DNA tests of alleged mystery hairs revealed they actually came from common critters like horses and dogs – not giant hominids.
   But the most interesting discovery, glossed over by most news accounts, was that two supposed Himalayan yeti hair samples matched that of a prehistoric Arctic polar bear thought to be extinct.
   British scientists collected hair samples for a year from around the globe – not just yeti fur from Tibet, but relics allegedly from North America (Sasquatch and Bigfoot), Russia (Almas), and Indonesia (Orang Pendek). Two clumps from the Himalayas had DNA matching the ancient fossil of the extinct bear that once roamed the northern tip of Norway.
   The lead researcher from Oxford University said he wants to explore the Himalayas to track down the creature. Read the USA Today article.  

by  Jon Osterberg



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