PEMCO insures boats and jet skis – often at a discount

August 4, 2020 by PEMCO Insurance

Along with cars and homes, PEMCO insures boats, personal watercraft (jet skis) and the trailer you use to haul them. If you bundle boat insurance with the PEMCO coverage you already have for your home or car, you'll get a discount.

PEMCO boat insurance starts with the basics, similar to car insurance. It covers your boat, motor and trailer for damage or theft, pays medical expenses if you're hurt in an accident and pays if you cause damage or injury to others (including legal defense costs). Just as with car insurance, you choose your coverage limits and deductibles.

From there, you can customize your policy to fit how you use the boat. Add optional coverage for fishing gear, personal belongings, on-the-water towing and emergency service, medical bills if you're hit by an uninsured boater and even mechanical breakdown of your outboard or inboard/outboard motor caused by normal wear and tear.

You automatically get protection against depreciation on your boat. If it's a total loss, you'll receive the "agreed value" listed on the policy, removing uncertainty about the payment amount so you can worry less.

Boaters also save with discounts for:

  • Owing a home (whether or not you insure the home with PEMCO)
  • Boating for three or more years without a claim
  • Insuring two or more watercraft (like your boat and jet ski) on the same policy
  • Taking a Coast Guard or Power Squadron safety course
  • Buying at least one day ahead of the policy's effective date
  • Having an automatic extinguisher
  • Using diesel fuel
  • Having a VHF radio.

Local PEMCO knows Northwest weather means your boat likely will be stored or moored part of the year, and our low rates show it. Call your PEMCO agent or click to get a free quote and see how much you could save.

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