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Dear teens: How not to cut (sharp) corners

Tuesday, March 29, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

One 16-year-old Oregon teen needs to brush up some skills after taking one turn too quickly. The too-sharp maneuver resulted in the vehicle’s four wheels ending up completely off the ground.

Airborne? Not quite. More like suspended in air after the car drove up an electric pole’s guy wires.

Gresham police said no one was hurt, and alcohol wasn’t involved. But the driver was cited with several violations including careless driving. Check out the tweet from @greshampd (right) to see the car’s final position.

This teen was lucky. He could have ended up rolling the vehicle, or being trapped under a downed electrical pole and lines.

While the best choice to handle a sharp turn is to slow down and observe posted speed limits, here are some tips from the Oregon Driver Manual to remember when you approach a bend in the road:

  • Slow down before you enter a curve.

  • Look through the curve to where want to go, and check the lane position of approaching vehicles.

  • Stay to the right of the center line and in the middle of your lane.

  • Be alert for hazards or slow moving vehicles hidden around the curve.

  • Increase speed gradually as you come out of a curve.

Read more at OregonLive.

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