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Meet our October Nonprofit of the Month: Daybreak Youth Services

Tuesday, October 2, 2018by  Sharlyn Petit


Our employee-nominated October Nonprofit of the Month is Daybreak Youth Services.

For the past 40 years, Daybreak Youth Services has been giving Northwest youth treatment and recovery solutions for substance use disorder and mental illness where and when they need it.  

Through inpatient and outpatient treatment, psychiatric evaluations, and a holistic philosophy, Daybreak’s approach to recovery addresses the needs of the whole teen, family, and community. 

daybreak-youth-services.pngSpokane employee Tim W. nominated and championed Daybreak Youth Services as a 2018 Nonprofit of the Month organization.  

“Raising two children, especially through the junior high and high school years opened my eyes to the pressures our children are exposed to on a daily basis. There's school pressure, family pressure, peer pressure along with whatever is being shared on social media. Substance use is an easy escape for some of our young people and can and does often turn into more than an escape. Daybreak offers a place for our communities youth to have access to services to treat substance use as well as mental illness. Daybreak is an opportunity to turn a life around, for the young person and their family.”

Daybreak Youth Services gratefully welcomes community support through donations. Here's how you can help. Tim shares his gratitude to his colleagues and PEMCO for supporting the Daybreak Youth Services as one of our 2018 Nonprofit of the Month organizations.

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