Could you pass your driver’s test if you took it today?

October 30, 2019 by PEMCO Insurance

If it's been a few years since you took your driver's test, are you confident you know today's rules of the road? Have some fun and test yourself with these sample questions from Washington and Oregon's written tests, then check your answers below.

Fair warning: They might be tougher than you'd think!


From Washington's test:

1) When following a fire truck, you should follow no closer than:

A. 150 feet

B. 300 feet

C. 500 feet

D. 1,000 feet

2) The speed limit in school zones unless otherwise posted is:

A. 15 mph

B. 20 mph

C. 25 mph

D. 30 mph

From Oregon's test:

3)  You're on a two-way street, stopped at an intersection. Can you legally turn left on a red light onto a one-way street?

A. Only if a left turn sign is posted

B. Only if there is a green arrow with the red light

C. No. You must wait for the green light

D. Yes, if traffic allows.

4) Which of the following is true about driving through a curve?

A. Slow as you enter, speed up as you exit

B. Maintain constant speed through the whole curve

C. Speed up as you enter, slow down as you exit

D. Stay near the right side of your lane.


Want to try some more? Link to sample questions for the Washington or Oregon driver's tests. Or, if you're age 55 or above and interested in honing your skills, you can sign up for a certified defensive driving course (like this online course from AARP) and receive our Defensive Driver Discount to help offset the cost.


ANSWERS: 1, C; 2, B; 3, D; 4, A.


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