Columbia I-5 tolls to impact driving routes

When tolling begins for the new I-5 bridge spanning the Columbia River between Vancouver and Portland, 33% of all local drivers say they’ll stick to their same route.
   On the other hand, 77% of Clark County drivers say they’ll detour east instead and take the I-205 bridge, which has no toll.
   The latest PEMCO Poll, conducted by FBK Research, also revealed that not many motorists would find another means of transportation to avoid tolls – just 12% said they’ll carpool, and only 9% plan to ride the bus. But once the tolls become reality, those motorists might end up choosing convenience over savings: 62% of Seattle drivers claimed they would switch routes when tolls began on Seattle’s SR 520 floating bridge, but only 38% actually did. Read the Vancouver Columbian article as well as the PEMCO news release.

by  Jon Osterberg



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