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Wednesday, June 29, 2011by  WALLY Team

Each summer Spokane hosts the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world; Hoopfest is known by all lovers of street basketball.  Players of all ages come from various parts of the Northwest, and beyond, to participate in this annual event as the streets of Spokane are transformed into basketball courts and cheers, while whistles and music can be heard in every corner of the city.
This year the games began Saturday morning at 8:00, and everyone arrived ready to play. Competition began immediately as players took to the courts; meanwhile, both participants and spectators enjoyed the beautiful Spokane weather throughout the weekend.

Players and fans alike arrived bright and early, and ready for action!

Spokane's Riverfront Park was jam packed with food vendors and hungry customers, while the river and fountain provided a way for overheated kids to cool down. Spectators at Hoopfest were provided plenty of activities to ensure everyone had a great time.

In this beautiful weather the only jackets we saw, came off early and stayed off. Exactly how summer should be!

Sunday held the grand finale of Hoopfest, which meant championship games, as well as the highly anticipated slam dunk competition.  All participants brought their A-game with the promise of receiving some of the many trophies, awards, and PEMCO swag handed-out throughout the day.  The crowds began to disperse in the late afternoon as the event drew to a close and it was all smiles as participants and their families piled into their cars and scattered to the winds.

Once again, PEMCO's green and black shades proved to be a hot-ticket item throughout the weekend

Hoopfest is a legendary event that can turn even the most unenthusiastic sports viewer into a serious basketball fan for at least one summer weekend every year.  Until then we'll all look forward to next summer when we can all be fanatical street basketball fans once again.

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