Celebrate Kirkland 4th of July - It's a Duck-Eat-Duck Kind of World

Typically, we celebrate our nation's birthday with fireworks, barbecues, and sunshine. Since the sunshine didn't show up for the celebration, we found a slightly different way to commemorate our country's independence.

On Sunday morning, Steven and I headed across the pond to Kirkland to take part in the 11th annual Celebrate Kirkland 4th of July festivities. People from all over the Eastside showed up to celebrate the momentous occasion with live music, delicious food and a very unusual race.

Every year, the Kirkland Rotary Club hosts the Lake Washington Duck Dash. It's truly a spectacle that you must see to believe as 13,000 rubber ducks race through the marina toward the finish line. However, these ducks have a purpose much greater than simply entertaining the patriots in attendance. Each of the ducks is sponsored by a community member for $5, with all the proceeds going towards the Rotary Club's fund to help the local community.

We said you had to see it to believe it:

Duck Dash signlots of toy ducks floating in water

The marina was layered with ducks as far as the eye could see.

Got Duck? See...we weren't kidding!

If you missed us this weekend, don't worry because we'll be back in action this Sunday as the Sounders return to the friendly confines of Qwest Field. It will be their first home match in nearly a month, so stop by and say hi.

by  WALLY Team



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