Cafes, trucks square off in tech-land food fight

There’s a food fight underway just a few blocks from my office.
   South Lake Union has become a haven for food trucks that serve popular lunchtime fare to office workers from businesses like Amazon, Sellen Construction, and yes, PEMCO. Options abound.
   But longtime brick-and-mortar eateries say the food trucks have cut into their business while enjoying unfair advantages, like not having to pay rent or taxes to improve roads and sidewalks.
   One food truck owner countered that he fights his own obstacles, such as the state requiring that his truck carry equipment that’s prohibited by the Department of Health.
   Not long ago, we had somewhat limited choices for food nearby. We could eat wraps or rice bowls at REI, try the Indian buffet two blocks away, or walk down to Taco del Mar. Of course, 13 Coins was a long-standing option. More often than not we hiked a mile toward downtown for terriyaki.
   Then the developers and tech companies discovered our sleepy Cascade neighborhood. In came new restaurants and watering holes. And now, Seattle aspires to surpass Portland as the food-truck capitol of the Northwest.
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by  Jon Osterberg



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