Are your boat and trailer easy targets for theft?

Wednesday, February 6, 2019by  PEMCO Insurance

​Your boat is your way to get away from it all. So don't let a thief get away with it all! If you store your boat and trailer outside, these seven tips can help ensure a thief won't sink your weekend plans:

  1. Chain the trailer to a fixed object and secure it with a padlock.
  2. Park in the backyard or behind the garage, so it's not handy to the street.
  3. Turn the hitch toward the house so the trailer must be turned around before it can be towed.
  4. Block access to the trailer with a car.
  5. Padlock outboard motors to the boat (remove and store them in the garage during winter).
  6. Don't store fishing gear, water skis and other possessions on the boat.
  7. Install an automatic outdoor light over the boat.

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