Becoming a running buddy for Girls on the Run

Girls on a Run pose togetherReady. Set. Go! The WALLY team attended the Girls on the Run 5K recently at Magnuson Park, a graduation 5K for 300+ girls who completed their youth development program. We had an awesome time, and this event reminded us all how important it is to stay active and to have fun while doing it!

We look forward every year for the Girls on the Run 5k because running buddies are assigned to each girl before the race, and not to mention it’s a great opportunity to give back to your community, stay active and experience a 5K!

Want to know how to get in on the fun? There are four simple steps to becoming a running buddy:

Step 1. First, reach for your laptop to register online, or send in your paper application.

Step 2. Once registered, keep an eye out for training materials that will be emailed to you and review each document.

Step 3. Make sure you can attend the practice 5K, which is where you’ll meet your girl buddy!

Step 4. Attend the graduation 5K and walk, skip or run across the finish line with your buddy!

Ready to be a running buddy? If so, you can learn more at

Ready, set, go!

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