Backseat driver contributes to fatal Canada crash

by Sharlyn Petit
   A teen passenger of a stolen truck in Saskatoon, Sask., says she encouraged the driver to ignore a stop sign as they were chased by police. The truck crashed into a car and killed the driver and a passenger, both 17. A third teen in the car was seriously injured.
   The driver of the stolen truck and the teen backseat driver both pleaded guilty to a number of counts including criminal negligence causing death, drunk driving, and evading police causing death, among others.
   While the stolen truck in this story isn’t something an average teen would deal with, most teens can relate to having a passenger sway their decision-making on the road. Maybe it’s even a stressed parent who asserts his or her driving advice a little too loudly or a little too often.
   Practice managing distractions big and small. Whether it’s a passenger, the radio, or traffic, learning to sort through the noise is a skill teen drivers need to develop early on.  Read the online story.

by  Jon Osterberg



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