Avoid hassle, inventory your home now

house on fire during Taylor Bridge wildfireIn the wake of the Taylor Bridge Wildfire that sparked near Cle Elum on Aug. 13, heartbreaking stories have surfaced of residents who not only lost their homes and possessions, they lost priceless heirlooms. Some of them now face the daunting task of recreating, from memory, an inventory of their home's contents.helicopter fighting Taylor Bridge Wildfire

PEMCO commissioned a statewide survey in 2005 that asked Washington residents if they’ve taken home inventories, and the results revealed only four in 10 had done so. That poll data might still hold true in 2012, and for sure the remedy does: Take a home inventory today. If a fire or natural disaster strikes, at least you’ll spare yourself the additional hassle of creating an inventory from memory alone. Learn how in the news release, “Most Washington residents lack home inventory.”

by  Jon Osterberg



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